Traveling with Toddlers … Stop: Potty Time!

A long road trip is an adventure in and of itself.  With three young kids, that adventure turns into an odyssey — an odyssey in endless pursuit of the next bathroom.

Of all times, Isaac (our two-year-old) has chosen this to be the perfect time for getting serious about potty training.  (For which, we are of course grateful; however, his timing coincides with our month-long trek across the Midwest, Ontario and Louisiana.)  Amazingly, during our nine-hour drive from St. Louis, Mo., to Toledo, Ohio, Isaac managed a dry diaper the whole ride — well, almost.

On our approach to Toledo, Isaac sounded the alarm that he needed to “go potty.”  We informed him we were “almost there” and suggested he just “hold it” (something that must sound very confusing to a two-year-old — why, after all, would you want to “hold” your excrement?!).  Moments from arrival at the hotel, a little voice from the back seat sounded through the minivan, “Oh dreat!  I just peed in the tar!”


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  1. Nicole
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 19:13:06

    Since we’ve got all boys, we’ve *occasionally* been known to pull over at an exit and have them pee out into the grass. It’s the highlight of a road trip for them, I swear.

    Poor Isaac! Almost there! I cannot wait to be done with diapers…


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