She Writes … Emma Jenkins to the Platform, Please

That’s right, folks!  She writes!  As a part of her 2nd grade homeschooling activities, Emma has been working on the first of her chapter books, “A Hike in the Rainforest.”  (See copy below, written entirely by Emma with grammatical and spelling corrections by Mom.)  We’re proud of our little girl and hope you enjoy her story.  Up next … “Seals at Snack Time.”


“A Hike in the Rainforest”

By Emma M. Jenkins  (Copyright Daniel Jenkins 2009)

Chapter One


One nice, beautiful morning, Lilly, and her dog, Catrina went on a hike through the rainforest.  They saw lots of animales, animals like these:  monos y colibri.  But, when they got to the middle of the rainforest, out of the trees jumps a … jaguar!!!!!!!! 

“Now we have to get home!” said Lilly as she looked for a way to escape.  

“There!” said Lilly, pointing to some strong vines. “Let’s go swing!”  

But Lilly noticed something familiar …. “Huh?” said Lilly.  “Coco?”


Chapter Two



Lilly remembered the little jaguar cub they met in Nicaragua.  She ran over to hug him.  

“Coco,” Lilly shouted as she hugged him.  “So, Coco, do you want to come with us,” Lilly asked the jaguar.  

He licked them like he was saying “yes.”

“All right then,” said Lilly, “Ready, set, one, two, three!”  Then they all started marching, singing, “with a hup, two, three, four … with a hup, two, three, four …”

Chapter Three

“A Little Bit of Monkey Business”


“Huh,” said Lilly.  

She thought she saw something swinging to a tree.  

“Oh well,” said Lilly.  

But then, two little monkeys jumped out of the trees and landed right in front of Lilly!  Right when they landed, Lilly noticed that the two monkeys were … Caleb & Isaac!  She remembered the two little monkeys they saw in Guatemala.  

“Hey, Caleb!  Hey, Isaac!”  

“OO AH AH,” shouted the monkeys.

“Do you want to come with us,” asked Lilly.

“OOAHAH,” they shouted to say, “YES!”

So they went marching as they sang, “hup, two, three, four … hup, two, three, four.”  So they went on until …

Chapter Four

“Change of Color”


Catrina started barking at two things changing color in the trees.  Lilly looked up.  Two chameleons were right above her!  Lilly was shocked!  She couldn’t believe her eyes!  

Then, the two chameleons came down from the trees, and Lilly knew exactly who they were: Suzie & Danny!

“Suzie!  Danny! Can you come with us?”

The two chameleons stuck their tongues out as to say, “Yes!”  So they went marching singing, “hup, two, three, four … hup, two, three, four …”

Chapter Five

“WATER FALL!!!!!!!”


“Aw, man,” said Lilly, “a dead end.”

“Arf,” shouted Catrina.

“What,” asked Lilly.  

She looked to her left and right.  

“Oh,” said Lilly, “Let’s go to the right.”  So they went on, and on, until…. A WATER FALL!!!!!!!  

“Oh no,” said Lilly, “Oops!  I almost forgot.  I brought my life raft!  Climb on! Ready, set, GO!”  

So they went down the water fall.

“Hey,” said Lilly, “that was pretty short! Is everyone okay?”

The jaguar licked them, the monkeys said “OOAAHH,” and the chameleons changed color.

Chapter Six


Lilly grabbed on to shore.  She pulled them over to shore.

“Coco, Caleb, Isaac, Suzie, and Danny, you may get off.  We need to go home.  Adios!  We love you!”                                                   

The End